The Being Leader
Being v Doing, how do we need to “be” as leaders right now.

Consider where you put your attention, how you show up and the impact you have in work & life. Reflect on what “being” better looks like as a leader. Bite size reflections to enable you to hone how you want to be as a leader, increase your impact and improve the relationships, teams and systems around you. Hosted by leadership team coach Annabel Graham, with or without others.

Season 2 Episode 4: On showing up – how you are is how you lead

Welcome to 2022! Not up for New Year’s resolutions? Unsure of what your goals should be? Word of the year not your thing?.

Season 2 Episode 3: On Complex v Complicated

We know the world has become increasingly more complex, and this is impacting how leaders approach the issues they are facing in their teams and businesses. .

Season 2 Episode 2:On Hybrid Part 2 – Making it work for your team!

In the last episode we looked at your attitude as a people manager to hybrid working, and the impact this can have on your team. In this episode we wrap up the topic by looking at how you can make it work for your team,

Season 2 Episode 1: On Hybrid – part 1

So we’re back for series 2 – with topics generated by you the listener. In this episode, part 1 of 2, we’re exploring Hybrid Working and how it is impacting leaders and teams.

Episode 28: From Alpha to Zen – in dialogue with Joy Maitland

Leadership for a Brave New World! In this final episode of series one I talk to Author and Executive Coach Joy Maitland, about the themes of her new book From Alpha to Zen.

Episode 27: On empowerment – trust and they will deliver!

In this episode, we pick up a theme started in #26 on empowering our people as leaders.

Episode 26: On creating a coaching culture

What exactly is a coaching culture and why is it beneficial to have one in your organisation?

Episode 25. On Culture – it starts with us!

What is culture, and why should we as leaders pay attention to it? Delivering strategy and getting things done on the action plan is far more important right?

Episode 24: On the leader we need to become

Who do you need to become as a leader who can navigate that cusp between the technological age and the information age?

Episode 23: On Creating Alignment

Have you got a strategy in place in your organisation?
Have you taken that strategy and communicated it to your direct reports and then all the levels below you?

Episode 22. On Decisions

So how are your team at making decisions? Dominated by the leader? Irrational and a bit random? Revisit them again and again? Or never make them?

Episode 21: On Choice

We started the year thinking about intention, and our first dialogue takes us a bit further. In this episode Preeta Cooley of DeNovo Performance and I discuss choice.

Episode 20: On Intention

Sick of goals and the annual New Year’s action list? Feeling you’ve lost focus with the impact of the pandemic and ever shifting landscape we live in?

Episode 19. On Mindfulness

Did you know our minds are only present 50% of the time?  If so, how do you access the intersection between spirituality, mindfulness and wellbeing, to really be present.

Episode 18: On accountability and results

Accountability – the willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions. How often do we actually do this, and why is it so vital within healthy, performing teams.

Episode 17: On conflict and commitment

How much conflict do you have in your team? None? All fine? or it’s just a vipers nest of passive aggressive bitching? . . .

Episode 16. On Being busy v Being Useful: in dialogue with Jos Burton

Which would you rather be, busy or useful?  In this podcast Author, facilitator and coach Jos Burton and I discuss the current malaise of needing to be busy v knowing our value and being useful.

Episode 15: On the Outdoors

How often have you had a bright idea when out walking the dog, or running/walking? 

Episode 14: On trust

What exactly is trust and why is it so essential to our relationships, to making our teams work effectively and to doing business with our customers?. . .

Episode 13. On Resilience – In dialogue with Sarah Jones

Resilience and mental health has never been more at the forefront of how we work than in 2020. . .

Episode 12: The expectations conversation

Time and again I speak to people in organisations and when they tell me it’s all a bit tense. . .

Episode 11: On dispersed teams

As it hits September and the kids head back to school, there also seems to be a back to work feel and the climate in which we are all now working is very different.. . .

Episode 10. On Emotional Freedom – In Dialogue with Sarah Sienkiewicz

How often do your emotions get in the way of how you want to be, and what you want to do?. . .

Episode 9: On change and alignment – everything keeps shifting

In the final part of looking at who we are as being leaders, I come to the wider world around us, the environment that we exist in, and the systems that we are part of.

Episode 8: On Embodied Leadership – in dialogue with Jo Manton

In this podcast I’m in dialogue with Jo Manton, who is a coach, facilitator and consultant. . .

Episode 7. On behaviour: who says it’s ok to behave like that?

In this episode I want to shine the spotlight on our behaviour. Does how you behave fit with. . .

Episode 6: About balance – In dialogue with Preeta Cooley

So what’s your map of the world? How do you show up. . .

Episode 5: On Reflection: Time to stand and stare 

when do you just stand and stare? Our lives are busy. . .

Episode 4. Can I do this? Exploring strengths and capabilities

In this episode we shall continue to connect with our purpose and intent. . .

Episode 3: Values – What’s important to me!

Values are the emotional currency of our life. . .

Episode 2: Who or what am I supposed to be now? Exploring Purpose and Identity

As leaders & individuals were are often defined by the roles we inhabit: manager, director, mum, dad. . .

Episode 1. To be or not to be.

To be a “being” leader or a “doing”leader is the question we all need to explore and answer…

Introduction to the “Being” Leader.

Introduction to the Being Leader Podcast, and what it’s about. . .

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