Teams need a clarity of purpose, alignment of goals and time and energy to focus on delivering results.

Team performance is critical to achieving organisational objectives, and with the ever-changing pace of work, teams need to adapt to new environments, ways of working, increasing complexity and ambiguity.   This can lead to challenges within teams of lack of trust, no cohesion, lack of commitment, fear of failure and increasing pressure due to constant change.

Through Systemic team coaching and development we can offer
  • Awareness of team strengths and behaviours

  • Clarity of vision and purpose

  • Strategic awareness and focus

  • Alignment of goals and ways of working

  • Ability to challenge team dynamics

  • Resilience and adaptability

  • Focus on results and outcomes

How do we do it?

Team coaching is a well-blended synthesis of team facilitation, organisational consulting and development, individual work, and team development work. This enables teams to become high performing and resilient; maximising team strengths and delivering outcomes for themselves and the business.  It focusses on:

  • Developing the team as individuals and as a team, when they are together and apart and helps improve their collective performance and how they work together;
  • Develops the team’s collective leadership, allowing them to engage more effectively with their key stakeholder groups and jointly transform the business

Team coaching is normally carried out by 2 coaches, and is delivered in partnership with Nick Howell of Abintus.

We have worked with hundreds of teams throughout organisations offering space for them to develop and create high performance.
This can be:

  • an executive leadership team who is focussed on working more strategically and creating organisational alignment;

  • newly formed teams looking to make an impact

  • teams experiencing change who need to focus and be resilient

  • troubled teams who need to review ways of working to improve performance

We meet and engage with the team as individuals first to discover their needs, and then as a team to decide how we will all work together. We combine a mix of coaching and leadership training to create insight, develop self- awareness and help the team move themselves towards the goals we have agreed.  We also use relevant psychometrics to help team members improve communication with each other and stakeholders, realise team and individual strengths and create a trusted, high performance environment.


What do we do?
– Leadership development programmes
– Business and personal skills modules
– Creating alignment and strategic focus
– Change and engagement programmes

We work with you as a strategic business partner, offering unbiased objective advice.


How well is your team working?
Is it delivering High Performance results?

We can help develop team relationships, drive collaborative working and increase performance with our team coaching and development programmes.


We love helping people to develop, realise their potential and improve their impact in the workplace.

How do we do it?
We use conversation, questions and self-reflection to help clients understand their strengths,  impact on others, and how they can use this information to achieve successful outcomes.

Let us help you through Team Coaching and Development

We off set our carbon footprint and donate 5% of profits to environment, research and homeless charities annually.


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