HR Supervision
In the world of coaching, coaches take part in professional supervision of their work. Supervision offers time and space for the coach to reflect and develop insight into their coaching practice so that they can grow as a coach in the way they work, and in who they are when they work. The coach brings topics of discussion to the supervision space to reflect through discussion on their work.
As an HR leader do you have a way of reflecting, developing and enabling your ‘Best Practice’?

Supervision is essential for anyone working in a people profession to ensure they are working at their best, maintaining an ethical standpoint and remaining objective in their approach and methodology. Supervision is carried out either 1:1 with a Coach-HR supervisor, or in a small group setting. This enables:

  • further professional development of HR professionals (knowledge and skills)
  • developing and maintaining the quality of work
  • protecting the mental health of HR professionals through the prevention of stress and burnout
  • strengthening the HR function in the organisation

In early 2020 will start to offer the following:

Virtual HR Supervision Groups

These will take place every quarter and last for 2.5 hours. A group will consist of 6 HR professionals and a Coach-HR supervisor who will support the reflective practice of the group. Costs will be £100+ VAT per person per session.

Face-to-face HR Supervision groups

These will initially be held in Buckinghamshire, and can be in other locations depending on demand.
Cost as per virtual group, commitment four sessions.

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“Annabel has been supervising me this year and I have found our sessions to be great at helping me to develop my skills. The coaching she offers is straight forward, dynamic and powerful and I would recommend her to anyone looking to grow their leadership and career.”

“Working with Annabel is a fantastically enlightening experience as she teases out and brings to the forefront of my attention aspects of my practice. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is able to draw on that to inspire me in my development”

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