In our 5th instalment of the Creating Alignment series of we are going to look at how we engage people. What’s the incentive for your team to deliver your vision? How are you going to get them to buy in? Engaging employees can be one of the biggest challenges. Creating the passion within them to follow and deliver your purpose is key. identify 4 areas that we need to ensure we have in place to truly engage our employees.

Engagement with organisation: how engaged employees are with the organization as a whole, &, how they feel about senior management. Reflects confidence in organizational leadership as well as trust, fairness, values, and respect. When was the last time you talked with your people and found out how they feel about the business?

Engagement with manager: how employees feel about their direct supervisors. Topics include feeling valued, being treated fairly, receiving feedback and direction. Do you have a feedback culture? Is it positive and can your people feedback to you?

Strategic Alignment: Does the organization have a clear strategy and set of goals? Do employees understand the strategy and goals? Do employees understand how the work they do contributes to the organization’s success? Is effort focussed in the right places? This is what we have talked about in this series – see it’s not just me who thinks it is important!

Competency: Do managers have the skills needed to get the job done? Do they display the behaviours needed to motivate employees? Do your people walk the talk?

Reviewing these 4 areas within your business can help you discover if you are creating the right environment for motivation, and whether or not your employees are satisfied and engaged in what you are trying to achieve. In 2013 Hay Group surveyed 6m employees’ worldwide, and benchmarked the global level of engagement at 66% of employees. The UK achieved 65%, and high performing companies globally achieved 73%.

So where does your business fit? What else do you need to do to engage your people?