Helping you achieve personal, professional and organisational success
  • Working more effectively towards your goals

  • Exploring the challenges you face at work

  • Creating an objective, non-judgmental space to explore ideas

  • Questioning and challenging to enable self-awareness, gain perspective and move forwards

I’m an Executive Coach and leadership facilitator working with individuals & teams to help enable high performance.  After nearly 20 years working in senior leadership roles in retail I realised that developing people and creating great teams who really deliver was the part of every role that I loved. So, I decided to focus on that.

I believe everyone has the ability to be a great leader and inspire teams to deliver outstanding results; but they do need to develop some skill and knowledge along the way to enable them to be the best they can be, especially as the future of work is changing.  That’s where I come in.

As an Executive Coach: I work with individuals from emerging leaders to Board Directors to enable them to develop their authentic leadership style, overcome challenges and adapt their behaviour to be more effective in their roles. I explore clients’ behaviours, motivations and strengths, enabling them to understand how they can use these to enhance their performance.

As a Team Coach: I work with teams across all levels, enabling them to develop a high performance culture. I use Strengthscope™, DiSC® and Lencioni’s 5 Behaviours™ to create insight and allow teams to develop and deliver more effectively for themselves and their stakeholders.

As a Coach Supervisor: I work with individual coaches and teams of coaches to co create an environment where they feel safe to explore their work and stretch their thinking and skills, enabling them to develop their reflective practice and learning.

My Approach

I have a flexible and robust coaching style and work with clients as a facilitator, raising self-awareness using conversation, supportive challenge and encouraging self reflection.  I enable clients to work through any limiting beliefs and obstacles by drawing on a variety of coaching techniques, which I tailor to the client and situation.  

I am pragmatic and results orientated and help clients understand their strengths,  impact on others, and how they can use this information to achieve successful outcomes.

How I Work With You

Once you have made contact I will:

  • Explain what coaching is, how it could work for you and the potential benefits to you and your organisation
  • Outline my style of coaching and my values
  • Agree the mix of coaching sessions (face to face, skype, telephone), and the time line for your coaching – typically 6-8 sessions.

Once we have agreed the basic “contract”, together we plan our first session and clarify your coaching needs.  At this  we will get to know each other to ensure we are compatible to work together; I will explain my role and confidentiality within coaching, and we will begin coaching and map out future sessions and support.  I will regularly seek feedback from you, and make adjustments as guided by you.  Towards the end of the programme we will review overall progress, successes and any outstanding steps still to be taken.

Areas of Coaching I Deal With
  • Executive coaching, Strategy coaching, leadership coaching, business coaching

  • Team coaching and facilitation

  • Coach Supervision

  • Leadership training and skills development, confidence, motivation and mentoring

  • Psychometric testing (DiSC and Strengthscope)

  • Facilitation and away days

Training, qualifications and experience

MA Human Resource Management
ILM Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring
ILM Level 7 in Coaching Supervision
DiSC® & 5 Behaviours of a Team™ Trainer
Strengthscope™ Accredited partner
Clean Language Foundation modules,
Systemic Team coaching and constellations
Gestalt Coaching, Transactional Analysis TA101, NLP Level 1


FInstLM: Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management
MAC: Member of the Association for
CMCIPD: Chartered Member of the Institute of Personal and Development

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Thank you so much for your support over the last few months. It’s been perfectly timed to force me to think about me and my career aspirations and you have helped me with some excellent advice and guidance as to how best to go about getting my next big challenge! All the tips, links, and common sense guidance you’ve sent me will be invaluable.

I’ve really enjoyed the journey with you. – SENIOR LEADER


I cannot even begin to explain the impact Annabel has had on me in terms of increasing my confidence and self esteem. She has willingly given her knowledge, experience and expertise. She understood my style of learning and was able to easily go from mentoring to coach mode as required. – CIPD MENTEE


Both workshops provided an environment and the first ever opportunity for the management team to talk openly and honestly about the way we interact and how effective we are as a management team. It needed an external facilitator to create this environment and is hopefully the first step to ‘fixing’ us as a team. We just need the focus and commitment to continuing with what we’ve started. We’re in it for the long haul!! – TEAM (Retail)


We created a vision that we can all take forward throughout the business as it was our first meeting as a team which worked well. The benefits are many. It brought us together, we thought together we committed to behaviours and tasks. If we carry through the process and live by our charter we will perform like a team and show leadership. An additional benefit was the workshop introduced us to the need for new ways of working, highlighting the importance of structure and formality to an ever growing company. – EXECUTIVE


I am being supervised for my coaching practice by Annabel. It’s a fantastically enlightening experience as she teases out and brings to the forefront of my attention aspects of my coaching and coaching practice. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is able to draw on that to inspire me in my coaching practice. –SUPERVISEE


Did we achieve the outcome? Yes and more. I am clear. I also have an idea of what pre-conceptions I had and also have an awareness of understanding and managing the change that my clients are undertaking. I also see this work as giving me the framework and resources to become a more useful and resourceful coach for my clients. – SUPERVISEE


Thank you, Annabel for your help over the past months.  It has been an enlightening, challenging and motivating experience. . . and well worth it. – DIRECTOR


I cannot even begin to explain the impact Annabel has had on me in term of increasing my confidence and self esteem. She has willingly give her knowledge, experience and expertise. She understood my style of learning and was able to easily go from mentoring to coach mode as required. – MENTEE


Again, thank you so much for your help and support! I always come out of these sessions walking a little bit taller and knowing a lot more than when I went in! – SENIOR LEADER


Can I just take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for all the training and the personal coaching. I have found it so beneficial and it has helped not only on a work level but also on a personal level too. Thank you so very much. – MANAGER


By having stronger emotional resilience through coaching, this has enabled me to look more logically and clearly at any problem bought to me which has aided in quicker resolving. – MANAGER

Looking for a flexible and robust coaching style that works?

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