What can you expect from Coaching Supervision
Supervision is a place where a living profession breathes and learns…
‘supervision can be a very important part of taking care of oneself, staying open to new learning, and an indispensable part of the coach’s on-going self-development, self-awareness and commitment to learning.’ Hawkins and Shoet
What is coaching supervision?

Supervision is a form of reflective practice for coaches which allows them to explore their coaching, their client challenges and their own development in safe and confidential space. Supervision can be used in many ways

Quality Control
  • To ensure quality of coaching and mentoring
  • To ensure the coach/mentor is working within his or her areas of competence
  • To ensure the coach/mentor is maintaining professional and ethical standards
  • To provide a space for the coach/mentor to reflect upon the content and process of the coaching/mentoring work
  • To help the coach/mentor to develop an ‘internal supervisor’ and become a better reflective practitioner
  • To help the coach/mentor improve practice and interventions
  • To make greater sense of difficult and complex work assignments and to gain more clarity going forward
  • To help the coach/mentor attend to what is potentially not being heard/seen/said or felt
  • To provide a supportive space for the coach/mentor to process what has been absorbed from the client and the client’s system
  • To provide an opportunity for the coach/mentor to receive information, feedback and other perspectives
  • To ensure the coach/mentor is supported and resilient.


We believe that supervision is vital to coach development.   Supervision offers time and space for the coach-mentor to reflect and develop insight into their coaching practice so that they can grow as a coach. Like coaching, supervision is a process designed to serve the needs of the coach, who will identify and bring with them topics and areas for discussion with the group members.


As a qualified coach supervisor I work with individual coaches and groups of coaches, to co create a safe and supportive environment where the coaching work can be explored, reflected upon and where fresh insights and learning can take place.

My Supervision Approach

I have a flexible supervision style and work with clients as a facilitator, raising self-awareness using conversation, supportive challenge and encouraging self reflection. I see this as a journey we travel on together, agreeing the direction and focus as needed as we go, with me facilitating the conversation and shining a light on areas for us to explore without fear of me judging, telling or patronising.

I am pragmatic, supportive and use a variety of tools and models to help explore your practice, choosing the relevant one in accordance with your situation, needs and outcomes. Some of these are Clean Language, Appreciative Inquiry, systemic constellations and DiSC. I underpin my approach with the The Seven Eyed Supervision Model, by Hawkins and Shoet which enables us to explore a number of interconnecting layers of the coaching and supervisory relationship:

  1. The client’s system
  2. The coach’s interventions
  3. The relationship between the coach and client
  4. The coach’s experience and system
  5. The supervision parallel process
  6. The supervisor’s reflections
  7. The wider system, relationships and organisational context
How I work with you

I work with individual coaches face to face, via zoom or telephone depending on their preference. The frequency is based on the number of coaching hours you are currently practising and sessions will normally last an hour.

I also run group supervision either within organisations or with groups of coaches. These sessions normally run quarterly for c 3 hours, and have a maximum of 6 people. These are delivered in partnership with Barbara Capstick (in the photo above).

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Developing a safe, supportive and resourceful space where coaches can reflect and develop their practice.

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