“ To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality” – Anita Roddick

Many things make us passionate, and inspire us to put pen to paper.  So you’ll find here our thoughts and musings about leadership, learning, training, HR, coaching, and just about anything else we think is relevant!

So, this year… What would you like to have happen?

Every New Year we are bombarded by articles on our social media feeds, on the TV, in print media, telling us to make a fresh start, create new goals, be happier, lose weight, change what we do etc. etc…. For some people this reboot works well and gives focus; but let’s face it, most of us don’t get past the first week.

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New Year, New PDP: 5 simple rules

It’s the New Year! We’ve just dragged ourselves out of our collective Christmas duvet, and in the first week back at work have been bombarded across every form of media with how we should change our lives, our figures, our eating and drinking habits….

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Engagement: Why should they follow you?

In our 5th instalment of the Creating Alignment series of we are going to look at how we engage people. What’s the incentive for your team to deliver your vision? How are you going to get them to buy in? Engaging employees can be one of the biggest challenges. Creating the passion within them to follow and deliver your purpose is key.

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