The last 2 weeks has seen media (both social and print) full of not only the New Year, New You message, putting pressure on us to re-invent ourselves, but also the New Decade message heralding change and transition. But does the start of a new decade mean we need to be a very different person from now on?

Well certainly the next decade will bring about substantial change, whether we like it or not. Apart from being 10 years older at the end, the 4th Industrial Age is firmly upon us and we will have to adapt both personally and professionally as the 2020s progress.

The Past

The roaring 1920s saw a massive shift in how we lived.

•Women’s role in society changed

•Changes in society fueled intolerance, fear and division across the globe

•Immigration was a major concern and tackled by changing immigration laws

•New inventions & forms of entertainment challenged old values and lead to bold new attitudes, and this was coupled by new technology that transformed society.

Sounds pretty familiar right? We’re seeing this now, so the trends are somewhat predictable, even if the end result isn’t, but is it out with the old you completely?

The Future

Well, it depends on you. As the posts, articles, podcasts and videos build calling for change; I’d suggest instead that you stop and reflect; on you, your life and working life, and what exactly you want. Step off the hamster wheel of doing what you think you should do and check in instead with some more fundamental questions.

  1. Purpose: What are you aiming for? What are you passionate about, that gets you out of bed in the morning enthused? What do you want to be known for and what legacy will you leave?
  2. Your Brand: How do you want to show up and be in your life? How do others see you and are the two congruent? If not, what needs to happen for them to be aligned and to fulfill your purpose?
  3. Values & Beliefs: What’s important to you, and you are making time for this? How do your beliefs help shape this and what needs to happen to allow you to prioritise those things that are important to you?
  4. Your Skills: What are you good at? What could be brushed up? What have you yet to learn that you aren’t admitting that will help you and support your purpose? Who do you need to ask for help?
  5. Your world: Finally, what’s happening around you? Are the conditions right to allow you to align the 4 points above to fulfill your purpose? If not – what needs to happen, shift or be changed.?

Having reflected on these things, you may decide it’s all good, you’re happy, fulfilled and everything is as you wish. Fabulous!! Go for it!

Intention v Goals

You might though think some changes need to be made. So are we then back to goal setting? That probably depends on how you are with goal setting and habits.

  • Are you habit free, and can’t stick to anything,
  • a habit former who can put things in place and make them happen repeatedly,
  • or simply the type of person who get’s up one morning and says “I’m going to stop/do….” and from that day on makes the change, never to look back.

If you’re in the first camp, then goals are probably a good thing for you. Short term, really tangible and small, so you can see progress and move onto the next one. Remember marginal gains add up to big shifts.

If you’re in the latter 2 camps, then I’d invite you instead to set your intention, a Sankalpa. This comes from the yogic tradition and is more all encompassing than goals. An intention or Sankalpa is a short phrase or sentence that supports your purpose and becomes something which you can use to check in with on decisions and actions. More long lasting than goals, and also more holistic.

So, looking ahead to 2020 and the new decade which awaits, what do you wish it to bring? If you stood in 2030 and looked back, what have you achieved? What was and is your purpose?

My intention to go forward into the decade is 5 words:

energy, sustainable, deliberate, connection and collaboration.

  • Everything I do must give me energy rather than drain me,
  • Everything I choose to do should be deliberate and sustainable
  • All my choices should enable connection and collaboration

What intention do you need to set to make your purpose happen, and how will that shape your tomorrow?